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Escape the Disharmony Life Trap and Claim YOUR IMPACT DESTINY.

The Feeling Zone is THE PLACE for highly nurturing, resilient and determined businesswomen/female entrepreneurs who know it's their destiny to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Yet they feel held back by their own internal and external saboteurs.

If that's you keep reading.

Hi, I'm Dany Griffiths, Founder of The Feeling Zone™ and pioneer of Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ (F.R.E.E.).

I am building a global F.R.E.E. Life Movement because I believe there has never been more need for connection and the coming together of highly nurturing individuals who want to create a positive impact in our world.

I aim to help women like you escape the Disharmony Life Trap and claim your Impact Destiny because the very thing that has brought you to where you are now is the same thing that may inadvertently hold you back.

What I'm referring to is how you view and use your feelings!

Unfortunately, our emotions education inadvertently suppresses our innate wisdom, creating potential havoc in our lives through internal conflict, indecision and limiting beliefs, and externally as we try to be all things to all people.

In turn, this can hinder the scale of impact we want to make.

Hence, placing us in the DISHARMONY LIFE TRAP.

I see you Heart-Centred Warrior.

If you resonate with what I've been sharing and recognise that it's time for you to escape the Disharmony Life Trap, I'm here to help.

We MUST put the spotlight on YOU for a change.

Whether you're at the beginning of YOUR BUSINESS JOURNEY or looking for the next level of growth, we start with a YOU FIRST approach.

We focus on creating Harmony in YOUR LIFE internally and externally using the dynamic power of Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™.

We then combine the embodiment of Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ with simple yet powerful, practical and proven life and business strategies…
… enabling you to take your life and business to the next level of growth and impact.


Despite the many approaches to living a fulfilled life, whatever that means to us each uniquely, many people find themselves caught in the Disharmony Life Trap.

Through my work, I've identified that innate within every single one of us is our F.R.E.E. Life Navigation System™. What powers this system is how we process our emotions. Yet, because we focus so much on our thinking and mindset - we've lost the wisdom of how to do this in the most effective way.

This lack of wisdom leads to spending more time releasing toxic emotions that otherwise wouldn't have become stuck.

When we can utilise the true purpose of our emotions which is to guide us, we tap into an exceptional dynamic emotional healing and life empowerment process. I call this Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ (F.R.E.E.).

Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ is a simple yet powerful approach that, through everyday use, becomes embodied into our being, ensuring we’re able to achieve internal and external Harmony, in good times and bad.

By removing the disharmony, you can design and live the life and business you desire.

I am here to support you with that, and I'm not alone.

We have a growing Community of Heart Centred Warriors like you, cheering each other on and sharing their collective wisdom so we can all fulfil our Impact Destiny.


My IMPACT DESTINY is to bring more Harmony and Joy to the world through an improved understanding of feelings.

I believe that Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™ has the power to change the trajectory of feeling in our world from one of division and war to collaboration and peace whilst still embracing the uniqueness of every individual.

That isn't something that is likely to happen in my lifetime, but all change starts with one step, and I believe the best place to start is to support highly nurturing women like you.

The first step for Escaping the Disharmony Life Trap and claim YOUR IMPACT DESTINY is to attend a 1 day online F.R.E.E. Life Navigation Workshop. To find out more email Dany at dany @ and I will send you the information guide.

Dany Griffiths
Meet the Founder of The Feeling Zone and pioneer of Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™
Dany Griffiths - Founder of The Feeling Zone™

Dany Griffiths is the Founder of The Feeling Zone™ and Pioneer of Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™. Her background is in hypnotherapy and she trained just over 20 years ago in a Hypnotherapy and Counselling Diploma when she was aged 30 and looking for a change from her HR career.

Dany quickly realised that her passions lay in emotional health and well-being and initially started by supporting couples through pregnancy and birth. At the time a lot of her friends and colleagues were starting to have babies and she became acutely aware of how many of them were suffering emotionally, not necessarily because of a difficult birth but how they felt about their experience overall.

In 2007 after finding out from her best friend just how much of an emotional impact her infertility struggles were having on her, Dany trained in something called hypnofertility, with the main aim of helping her 'bestie'. Dany went on to work with many fertility clients and it shocked her to discover just how devastating a struggle to conceive had on the quality of people's lives and their relationships.

In 2013 Dany created and launched a successful antenatal education business, growing it to over three hundred instructors teaching privately in seven different countries, along with over a hundred midwives teaching in NHS Trusts in the UK.

She sold that company at the beginning of 2020 to concentrate more fully on growing the Freedom Fertility Frormula™. Since launching the Freedom Fertility Formula™ in 2018 over a hundred amazing women (training is not restricted to women) from eight different countries, have joined Dany on her mission to put taking care of emotional well-being at the heart of every Fertility Journey.

At the beginning of 2021, Dany also launched the Freedom Family Formula™, a unique antenatal education programme, the purpose of which is to provide a ‘healing journey to Parenthood’ for parents-to-be wanting support with their mental and emotional well-being.

It is Dany's ambition to Flood the world with Feel Right Emotional Empowerment™, and to do that, she introduced the F.R.E.E. Life Navigation System™ in September 2021 to transform Frustrated Heart-Centred Warriors into Fulfilled Heart-Centred Leaders of change in their chosen industry, and claim their Impact Destiny.

Dany Griffiths - Founder of The Feeling Zone™

Will you take the first step to finding out more?

If what you have read so far has piqued your curiosity, email Dany at dany @ for the F.R.E.E. Life Navigation Workshop information guide.

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