Thank you for signing up to the Life Reboot Mini-Quest.

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Congratulations on joining the Life Reboot Mini-Quest

I can’t wait to meet you and be your guide as you discover how to relieve the pressure of daily life and reignite your passion and purpose.


Step 1

Join the Life Reboot January 2022 Facebook Group. 

Join the Life Reboot Mini-Quest Facebook Group, where the majority of the Quest will take place. You will also get to meet and connect with all the other Courageous Explorers journeying with you.

You can join by clicking on the link below.
Life Reboot Mini-Quest Facebook Group

Step 2

Time Block the important times and dates in your calendar.

  • Monday 10th - Friday 14th January - 1:30pm - 2pm (UK time) - Facebook Live to receive your learning for that day.
  • Saturday 15th January - 10:30 am (UK time) Zoom workshop to map out your Success Strategy (the Zoom link will be emailed to you nearer the time).
  • Plan in 30 minutes per day to carry out your Empowerment Exercise.

Make sure you ask to join the Life Reboot Mini-Quest Facebook Group as soon as you receive the invite on the 27th December, as you will find my Time Bending Strategy training in Guide One to help you prepare for the Life Reboot Mini-Quest from a time perspective

Step 3

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Found out how to whitelist us by clicking on this link.

I am so looking forward to supporting you on this exciting step of your life adventure.